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SALE 353
2nd & 3rd June 2018

  LOT 1604 THEMATICS EST £ 40  
BIRDS green stock book containing a mainly modern mostly um range, noted Russia 1984 20p, Macau complete sheet of 36, N.Borneo 2c War Tax block of 10, Syria 1978 set etc. High retail.
  S QTY 1 item    

  LOT 1605 THEMATICS EST £ 40  
BUTTERFLIES stock book containing an um and fu selection, noted Belize, Norfolk, Guyana, Malagasy, Cocos definitive sets um, China set used, some MSs etc. About 350 stamps.
  S QTY 1 item    

  LOT 1606 THEMATICS EST £ 50  
CATS collection of over 300 Benham Silks in 3 special albums plus loose, all from the 1995 - 2004 period and all bearing cat or kitten adhesives worldwide. The odd one signed. Attractive lot.
  B QTY 1 item    

  LOT 1607 THEMATICS EST £ 50  
CHESS An attractive collection in special Lindner printed album, mostly 1960s - 80s either um or on cover, Hungary 1979 cover signed by 6 participants. Unusual item
  A QTY 1 item    

  LOT 1608 THEMATICS EST £ 950  
EUROPA 1956 - 2010 what appears to be a complete fu collection in 2 albums. Usually seen mint but not often used. Also stock leaf with various um or fu, MSs from 1974. STC £9300.
  A QTY 3 items    

  LOT 1609 THEMATICS EST £ 44  
NAUTICAL THEME 2 binders containing stamps, MSs, covers etc. Many sets particularly with ships, Commonwealth and Foreign, very attractively written up.
  A QTY 2 items    

  LOT 1610 THEMATICS EST £ 100  
ALBERT DECARIS album containing a written up collection of the French Stamp engraver containing France and French Colonies mostly 1930s - 60s inc MSs and several better.
  A QTY 1 item    

  LOT 1611 THEMATICS EST £ 250  
PIERRE GANDON containing a written up collection of the French stamp designer well filled with issues from France, French Colonies, Monaco etc with some better stamps noted particularly in the Colonies airs.
  A QTY 1 item    

  LOT 1612 THEMATICS EST £ 125  
LADISLAU JURKA and EDMUND DULAC album containing a written up collection of the stamp designers, the Jurka are all Czechoslovakia from 1948 - 88, Dulac are all British or French Colonies, noted several useful British overprints.
  A QTY 1 item    

  LOT 1613 THEMATICS EST £ 150  
CZESLAW SLANIA 2 albums containing a written up collection of the Polish stamp designer. Album 1 houses Poland and Scandinavian countries, volume 2 Monaco, GB and others. Many MSs and some booklets included, an interesting story.
  A QTY 2 items    

  LOT 1614 OMNIBUS EST £ 700  
1935 Silver Jubilee set less Egypt um. Cat £1,100.
  A QTY 1 item    

  LOT 1615 OMNIBUS EST £ 400  
1935 Silver Jubilee set complete um? In special album less the Egypt.
  A QTY 1 item    

  LOT 1616 OMNIBUS EST £ 125  
1935 Silver Jubilee stockbook containing a mint or fu selection of sets and part sets with better included, also Swaziland in blocks of 4.
  S QTY 1 item    

  LOT 1617 OMNIBUS EST £ 120  
1935 Silver Jubilee sets from Barbados, BVI, Jamaica, Malta, N Rhodesia, St Helena, Seychelles, S Rhodesia, Trinidad & Tobago and Turks all on covers with FD cancels.
  E QTY 10*    

  LOT 1618 OMNIBUS EST £ 100  
1935 Silver Jubilee sets x 24 all mint on Hagner, noted Gold Coast, HK, KUT, Nyasaland, St Helena etc. STC £475.
  E QTY 1 item    

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