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After the auction all the unsold lots will appear on this website and are available for sale.

Should you wish to purchase any of these lots you can contact us by email, fax or the by using the web bid form at anytime. However, should you wish to contact us by telephone we will only be available to take the call the Tuesday after the sale from 3pm onwards. The time taken to process the sold lots to our hundreds of postal bidders is quite considerable and therefore we have to refrain in answering your telephone calls until this task is well underway.

Lots are available at the price stated, and as the majority of these are substantially lower that the estimated value we are unable to accept any offers. Lots are available on a first come, first served basis. All lots are subject to 15% buyers premium. We will confirm by return email any lots you successfully purchase.

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SALE 352
3rd February 2018
  LOT 1945 NORTH BORNEO EST £ 150  
1886 - 1979 mostly used collection in ring album with various arms to $10 cto, 1890 surcharges, 1897 12c fu, 1899 4c on $5 & $10 fu, 1909 - 23 vals to 24c, 1922 Mal Borneo various opts to 50c mint, 1939 to 15c used, 1947 to $2, 1948 SW, 1951 to $10, Sabah set to $10. Many of the middle period and PDs have cto cancels or in in mixed condition.
  A QTY 1 item    


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