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25th & 26th May 2019

  LOT 1404 BOX EST £ 260  
large box from a collector's estate - contents being a Faroes collection in 4 binders. Includes a comprehensive collection of FDC's (between 1977 - 2003) accompanied by many um sets, MS sheetlets, Postcards and booklets (cat £1400). Also tins of odds including um GB commems sets 1990s to 2000s (cat £500+). In addition a stockbook with AAT sets and MS's all um. Plus 2 large stockbooks (as new) and folders of Hagner sheets (mostly new).
  B QTY 1 item    

countries I - M mint and used collection with good ranges from India and States, Jamaica with QV to 1/- x 3, KG6 to 10/- m & u, KUT KG6 and QEII to £1, strong Malta with KG5 to 10/-, KG6 to 10/- x 3. Also useful Leewards, Mauritius.
  A QTY 1 item    

countries D - F mint and used collection with Dominica KG5 to 3/-, 1954 set, Falklands QEII inc FID to £3, Fiji with KE7 to 1/-, KG6 to 1/-, KG6 to 5/-. Good all periods Gambia with QV to KG5 heads, Gibraltar etc.
  A QTY 1 item    

an original collection in 6 Swing-O-Ring album being an all periods mint or used lot with most pre 1950. Many good stamps with useful KG6 defins and the odd cover.
  B QTY 1 item    

Colonies album of MSs with Spanish Morocco, Angola inc 1948 Tercentenary, Port India, Azores 1980 - 2010 and Madeira 1980 - 2010. About 90 in total which apparently cat over £1100.
  A QTY 1 item    

  LOT 1409 THE NIGERIAS EST £ 240  
Northern and Southern with Northern mint and used on hagners with KE7 vals to 1/- x 3, 1912 to 1/- x 2, 2/6.Southern 1901 to 1/-, 1903 to 1/- x 4 used and 5/- mint, 1904 to 1/-, 1907 - 11 to 5/- both mint and used, 1912 to 5/- mint. Cat £1000+.
  E QTY 1 item    

  LOT 1410 SG CROWN ALBUM EST £ 230  
mint or used collection in red printed album, remaindered but noted values to 10/- and 10r. STC £2300.
  A QTY 1 item    

  LOT 1411 KING GEORGE VI EST £ 225  
collection in red Crown printed album in very good condition. Starter lot but with several sets, some useful defins with HK to $2, Malaya, GB opts.
  A QTY 1 item    

countries G & H mint and used in album with Gilberts, Gold Coast with QV 20/-, KG6 to 10/- x 3, Grenada 1898 set, HK with various QV vals to 30c, KE7 to 50c and $1, KG5 to $2, KG6 to $5, 1941 and 1949 UPU sets mint & used, later to $20.
  A QTY 1 item    

countries S mint and used collection, a good selection of Solomons with KG5 to 2/6, KG6 to 10/-, St Kitts KG5 to 10/-, KG6 to £1, St Lucia, St Vincent, useful Seychelles with QV to 1r then later to 5r, Singapore plus Somaliland.
  A QTY 1 item    

  LOT 1414 INDIAN OCEAN EST £ 225  
Mauritius and Seychelles collection on Philatelic leaves from earlies to 1960. Mauritius with a fair selection of earlier, KG6 vals to 10r, 1950 set mint and used, 1953 to 10r mint and used etc. Seychelles with QV vals to 1r, KG5 vals to 1r50, 1938 set mint, 1951 set mint, 1957 5c on 45c complete sheets with varieties, 1954 and 1962 sets mint etc.
  E QTY 1 item    

  LOT 1415 WORLD EST £ 220  
all periods collection from 1852 but mostly from 1950 - 1990s in 14 albums, the majority well filled. Much used with some duplication with not many highlights but ideal for spacefilling or selling by the page.
  B QTY 1 item    

collectionin album mostly KG5 and KG6 starting with GB inc 1948 SW set um and on plain FD cover, the best CW country is Falklands with KG5 to 1/-, 1935 SJ, 1938 set to £1 mint and used, FID. Also Gambia, G & E, India etc.
  A QTY 1 item    

  LOT 1417 BALTIC STATES EST £ 200  
album containing a collection of pre 1940s then some of the modern issues, noted Latvia 1933 air, late pictorials, Lithuania with useful charities and airs, similar for Estonia. High cat.
  A QTY 1 item    

  LOT 1418 SG CROWN ALBUM EST £ 200  
mint or used collection in green printed album, remaindered but noted values to $5, $10, 10/- and £1. STC £2130.
  A QTY 1 item    

an odd mix on album pages with good material, starts with a few 1935 SJ sets, 1948 SW sets, Ascension 1963 birds set to £1, Rhod & Ngas 1959 set, Somaliland 1951 set, general range of CW countries then several omnibus with 1937 Coronation, 1966 Churchill, UNESCO, 1949 UPU. Finally several pages of thematics mostly birds.
  A QTY 1 item    

  LOT 1420 KING GEORGE VI EST £ 180  
fine used defintive sets on leaves comprising 1938 Basutoland, Bechuanaland, Gambia, Gold Coast, (also 1948 set), Nigeria inc perf changes Sierra plus Nyasaland 1945 set, Sudan 1951 set plus 1950 air set. STC £625.
  E QTY 1 item    

  LOT 1421 WORLD EST £ 180  
green plastic box containing collector's remainders in albums or stockbooks. Noted Egypt/Sudan, Ethiopia, Russia, Turkey, Bulgaria blocks and old tyme stockbook of early duplicated world
  B QTY 1 item    

  LOT 1422 STOCKBOOK EST £ 180  
containing a collector's remainders from German states and Germany, some Saar, GB line engraved, British opts to 10r, Sierra KG5 to 2/-, HK KE7, KG5 etc. Worth checking.
  S QTY 1 item    

  LOT 1423 CW AFRICA EST £ 170  
3 large stockbooks housing modern mint collections from Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland. Mostly 1970s - 90 which includes complete defintive sets, MSs, PDs etc.
  S QTY 3 items    

  LOT 1424 FOUR EST £ 160  
strange bedfellows comprising Philippines 1900 - 1944 inc covers, PCs etc. Netherlands 1852 - 34 with imperfs, PDs, Colonies etc. Belgium and Congo from imperfs to 1970s inc railways etc and a general foreign G - M countries in New Age album mainly 1930s - 50s.
  B QTY 4 items    

  LOT 1425 NEW IDEAL EST £ 160  
album 1840 - 1936 with a general range, useful selections from GB, HK, India, NFL, Rhodesias, Seychelles etc.
  A QTY 1 item    

  LOT 1426 SOUTH AMERICA EST £ 160  
a useful mint and used starter lot with Brazil in 2 albums, Bolivia, Nicaragua in 2 albums, Panama, Paraquay and Peru in separate albums. Noted Brazil 1940s and 50s mint blocks.
  B QTY 1 item    

  LOT 1427 WORLD EST £ 150  
selection in battered stockbook, noted good ranges from French Colonies, Japan, Thailand, middle period, Switzerland mint with tete beche pair, Portugal, Venezuela 1962 Orchids in blocks of 4 etc. Check this one out.
  E QTY 1 item    

  LOT 1428 WORLD EST £ 150  
modern issues mostly um identified and catalogued in stockbook. Noted Brazil, Mexico, Portugal & Cols, France and Cols, Egypt, Guyana sheetlets etc. STC £1000++. Clean lot.
  S QTY 1 item    

stockbook with a few GB locals, Cyprus, Gibraltar and Malta etc. Noted Gib 1889 to 75c, 1889 to 5p, KE7 to 1/-, KG5 to 10/-, KG6 to £1, QEII to £1. Malta 1899 2/6, KE7 to 1/- etc.
  S QTY 1 item    

general mint and used collectionin old Utile album, all pre 1940. Noted Australia States, Malta, HK, India, Canada, SA colonies plus some useful GB.
  A QTY 1item    

  LOT 1431 BOX EST £ 150  
containing various collections in albums/stockbooks, noted SG One Country album of Bahamas and Bermuda (no Bermuda!) album of space, stockbook of CW, 1937 Coronations, various FDCs etc.
  B QTY 1 item    

  LOT 1432 ANTARCTICA EST £ 130  
album with BAT 1963 set to £1 fu, then a range of 1950s - 91 AAT covers, mainly FD about 80 plus some PPS, and a couple of FSAT covers.
  A QTY 1 item    

  LOT 1433 KING GEORGE VI EST £ 125  
a mint and used collection on Filey printed leaves in large album, countries Nyasaland to Zanzibar. Defins are mainly starter sets but some higher values present to 5/- or $5, Samoa 1946 10/-, Sudan to 50pi then several commem sets etc.
  A QTY 1 item    


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