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SALE 356
25th & 26th May 2019

  LOT 1464 WEST INDIES EST £ 50  
stockbook containing mainly 1920s - 90s range from Dominica, Grenada and Turks with vals to the 5/- and $4 noted. A little duplication.
  S QTY 1 item    

Windmill box containing about 100 packets with a selection of definitive sets, part sets and singles, mostly um with some duplication but would be ideal for the appro dealer.
  B QTY 1 item    

11 albums or stockbook in box with Cyprus album + covers, stockbook of Southern Africa inc some pmk interest, Canada inc modern mint, album of early CI etc.
  B QTY 1 item    

  LOT 1467 BOX EST £ 50  
containing 5 remaindered world collections but many single country selections on pages and Hagner. Good rummage lot.
  B QTY 1 item    

collector's remainders in large stockbook, noted useful Fiji with much mint KG6 to 5/- inc better, similar for Gibraltar with vals to 2/- used, also Cyprus etc.
  S QTY 1 item    

  LOT 1469 BOOKLETS EST £ 40  
small dealer's approval book containing 29 mainly Sweden. Retail stated to be £80+.
  A QTY 1 item    

  LOT 1470 BOX EST £ 40  
containing a stockbook of CW with several 1937 Coronations, general range of Canada, Australia and NZ in another, then 2 books of Germany plus a little Austria, virtually all used.
  B QTY 1 item    

  LOT 1471 BOX EST £ 40  
containing a dozen or so plastic boxes each containing stamps from a separate country inc Belgium, Brunei, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey etc. Also some packets and stockcards of duplicated Yugoslavia.
  B QTY 1 item    

  LOT 1472 BOX EST £ 30  
containing world material in leaves, in packets, large cigar box plus some covers and postcards.
  B QTY 1 item    

  LOT 1473 WORLD EST £ 30  
large binder containing an all period range but mostly around the 1940s - 60s used. At the back is GB with commems from the 1960s inc FDCs.
  A QTY 1 item    

  LOT 1474 EUROPE EST £ 200  
with range from Austria, France, Monaco, German States, even modern Belarus.
  B QTY 1 item    

several useful groups with St Helena QV, St Christopher QV, Australian States, early NFL, BAT 1970s - 80s mint, Bechuanaland, good Morocco Ag, Bahrain plus some GB.
  B QTY 1 item    

  LOT 1476 BENELUX EST £ 100  
useful little good with Netherlands inc baby face to 1g, 1913 to 1g, 1928 Games, Belgium, 1849 - 66 range of imperfs and perf types on printed pages, also a few Liechtenstein. Very high cat.
  E QTY 1 item    

some useful selections from COGH, Natal, OFS, ORC with a few better included.
  E QTY 1 item    

  LOT 1478 EUROPE EST £ 100  
selection of Portugal inc several Red Cross sets from the 1930s, Spanish Cols, Cuba range on leaves, Luxemburg small stockbook of duplicated earlies plus an accumulation of Czech local issues inc blocks.
  E QTY 1 item    

with Serbia and Montenegro collection, Albania 1913 - 30 mainly mint and Bulgaria 1910s - 30s plus a few Yugoslavia surcharges.
  E QTY 1 item    

  LOT 1480 MIDDLE EAST EST £ 50  
with 2 lots of Iran with well filled page from 1880s - 1915, Iraq plus a small range of Ethiopia.
  E QTY 1 item    

  LOT 1481 SPANISH COLS EST £ 50  
Porto Rico on many pages plus a group of 23 Spanish covers from the 1843 - 60s period. Also Philippines earlier selection.
  E QTY 1 item    

much on old Schaubek printed leaves from earlies to mid 1930s. Noted some mint Finland and Norway with early Sweden etc.
  E QTY 1 item    

  LOT 1483 FRENCH COLS EST £ 100  
an accumulation on leaves, stockpages etc all periods mint and used with a few better looking. Noted Algeria to 5f Merson, useful Russian, interresting Cilescie, Somali Coast, Morocco, Tunisia, Gabon etc. Mixed condition but plenty to go at.
  E QTY 1 item    

  LOT 1484 GERMAN OCC EST £ 50  
ranges of Danzig, Memel and Saar plus Upper Silesia and WWL zones.
  E QTY 1 item    

  LOT 1485 NORTH BORNEO EST £ 90  
and Labuan from early heads mint to 10c, pictorials to 24c mint, some Protectorate opts, PDs plus Labuan, heads to 40c, then pictorials and PDs mostly cto.
  E QTY 1 item    

  LOT 1486 PORTUGAL EST £ 100  
1855 - 1946 remaindered collection in Schaubek leaves with a range of early heads imperf and perf, 1890s head types inc 1895 - 98 to 500c, 1898 set, then middle period mint or used. Mixed condition, very high cat.
  E QTY 1 item    

  LOT 1487 THEMATICS EST £ 60  
box containing coin covers in Westminster album, 1996 Olympic Games in Westminster album, WW2 in 2 albums, 2 stockcards of omnibus with FFH, Red X, Churchill, few 1935 SJs etc.
  B QTY 1 item    

  LOT 1488 THEMATICS EST £ 40  
AGRICULTURE collection in album arranged by theme plus envelope with various sets and singles not mounted. Noted GB and USA face items
  A QTY 2 items    

  LOT 1489 THEMATICS EST £ 100  
AIRCRAFT and flight themed collection in six boxes written up on leaves, flight covers with some better signatures inc Thomas Sopwith, Arthur (Bomber) Harris, James Doolittle etc plus some postcards, older covers including first UK Aerial post, and items relating to Bleriot. Some material still in the envelopes. A lot of diverse material which will take time to view.
  B QTY 1 item    

  LOT 1490 THEMATICS EST £ 30  
AIRCRAFTS stockbook well filled with world mint and used, mostly modern and must be over 700 stamps.
  S QTY 1 item    

  LOT 1491 THEMATICS EST £ 350  
BIRDS 2 quite well filled folders housing a mainly um collection with many sets, arranged in country order which includes complete defin sets. Mostly better countries. Also packets of loose and few FSAT covers. (stamps cat £300+).
  A QTY 2 items    

  LOT 1492 THEMATICS EST £ 60  
BIRDS collection in 3 stockbooks, all world either mint or used with many complete sets inc vals to £1, sheetlets etc. Also a few other thematics. Over 600 stamps.
  S QTY 3 items    

  LOT 1493 THEMATICS EST £ 20  
BIRDS large binder containing a collection of sets, singles and MSs on cards and stockleaves. Mostly modern um but noted some covers and cards.
  A QTY 1 item    


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