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SALE 356
25th & 26th May 2019

  LOT 1 COVERS EST £ 260  
1853 - 1985 accumulation of covers form USA, Poland, Egypt and elsewhere with one or two 1st Flights and registered. Noted 1953 Polciskon/Arctic Circle cancel and French 1922 cover franked 1c, 2c & 3c Blanc gutter pairs in pairs.
  E QTY 69*    

  LOT 2 COVERS EST £ 250  
Thornton's box full of better Commonwealth covers, all pre 1960 and suitable for ebay-ers. Notable Australian States, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa etc.
  B QTY 121*    

  LOT 3 COVERS EST £ 200  
a wide assortment of 39 commercial or air covers in albums, noted Canada 1899 ½c x 4 with Quebeck cds, GB 1937 KG5 1/- and 2/6 on air cover to Brazil, 1897 PS env to Wurttemberg bearing 1½d 2½d and 6d Jubilees, 1848 cover with Maghull cancel.
  A QTY 1 item    

  LOT 4 COVERS EST £ 200  
foreign better covers suitable for ebay-ers with many classics inc Baden, Sardinia, Switzerland, Lombardy Venetia, FFCs, Iceland complete used reply paid card, Portugal etc. Most pre 1960.
  QTY 60*    

  LOT 5 COVERS EST £ 200  
1895 - 1957 selection of CW covers from Singapore, India, Tristan, Leeward Is, S. Rhodesia etc. few St Helena PPCs. Noted 1941 censored returned envelope to GHQ Malaya, routed via New York and bearing cachet 'Air Mail Fee/Refunded'. Interesting lot.
  QTY 31*    

  LOT 6 COVERS EST £ 160  
1906 - 1982 accumulation of CW covers from Hong Kong, KUT, South Africa, India, Canada, Burma etc with a variety of frankings and cancels. Noted fine Hong Kong registered with three types of QEII $2 and 1912 photo card of officers of SS 'Ping Suez' to UK from Shanghai.
  E QTY 86*    

  LOT 7 COVERS EST £ 150  
1931 - 1946 selection of CW covers from Rhodesia, Australia, Nyasaland, Malaya & Trinidad, mostly 1st Flights and carried by Imperial Airways, PAN-AM or QANTAS.
  QTY 19*    

  LOT 8 COVERS EST £ 150  
1894 - 1991 selection of CW covers with strength in Malaya but also has items from India, KUT, St Helena, Jamaica (Letterbox cancel) and Fiji paquebots.
  SB QTY 72*    

  LOT 9 COVERS EST £ 150  
1884 - 1956 world wide accumulation with stronger sections from Austria, USA, France, Greece and Peru. Noted 1884 Prussia 3ssg Berlin-Breslau, Swiss 1947 Railway set and 3fr on commercial envelope to South Africa. Mixed condition.
  E QTY 95*    

  LOT 10 COVERS EST £ 150  
1904 - 1984 accumulation of covers in shoe box from Canada, Australia, NZ, Fiji, Rhodesia, KUT, Hong Kong etc, with a range of frankings and cancels.
  SB QTY 221*    

  LOT 11 COVERS EST £ 130  
Manchester United 1911 - 8 commemorative covers x 37 all signed, mostly by Steve Bruce or Ryan Giggs, plus Harry Gregg, Roy Wood, Bill Foulkes etc.
  A QTY 1 item    

  LOT 12 COVERS EST £ 120  
HALLEY'S COMET a collection of over 250 covers, all world includes 2 albums with GB FDCs, special postmarks, pmks, couple signed, cards etc. Clean lot.
  B QTY 1 item    

  LOT 13 COVERS EST £ 100  
ANTARCTIC 1964 covers Kerguelen-UK bearing 4f + 16f (SG 7 & 16) or 1f - 200f (SG 5, 6, 9, 18). Stamps cat £325.
  QTY 2*    

  LOT 14 COVERS EST £ 100  
1906 - 1974 collection of CW mail from various countries including Aden, Canada, Malaya and Palestine bearing different frankings and cancels. Noted 1941 Colombo-New York maiden voyage of SS Exceller.
  E QTY 43*    

  LOT 15 COVERS EST £ 90  
flat box of all periods, very varied Commonwealth with India, Ceylon, S.Africa and Canada noted. Most pre 1960.
  B QTY 186*    

  LOT 16 COVERS EST £ 90  
(Boer War) 1900 - 1902 selection of covers, including registered, bearing variety of frankings and cancels. Noted envelope to UK franked 'V.R.I/1d on 1'd OFS cancelled Field P.O.British Army South Africa written from No. 2 General Hospital.
  QTY 9*    

  LOT 17 COVERS EST £ 80  
GB, Commonwealth and World in box, an eclectic mix of about 100 from early to modern including censored, PDs etc.
  B QTY 1 item    

  LOT 18 COVERS EST £ 80  
1936 - 1950 selection of West African covers from Nigeria and Gold Coast with Lagos-Khartoum, Gold Coast Nigeria, Lagos-London and USA-Nigeria 1st Flights, various cancels including boxed 1950 'RAF Takoradi/Postal Frank'. Fine.
  QTY 11*    

  LOT 19 COVERS EST £ 75  
Thornton's box full of very varied foreign covers, noted Faroes, WW2 censors inc Greenland, Germany all periods, Red Cross, USA, Paraguay etc.
  B QTY 250*    

  LOT 20 COVERS EST £ 70  
1931 - 61 selection of CW covers, various frankings and cancels including India to USA containing Ghandi illustrated condolences thank you card, 1940 'Passed by Censor Mauritius', Hong Kong Wenchai and Yau Ma Tei cancels, 1946 Newfoundland PAN-AM 1st flight to Brussels.
  QTY 15*    

  LOT 21 COVERS EST £ 60  
WW1 CAMP MAIL 1943 - 45 group of covers from camps at Kiel. St Michielsgastel (2), Ludwigshafen and a liberation day card (6th May) from Dachau to Rotterdam.
  E QTY *    

  LOT 22 COVERS EST £ 60  
MARITIME 1839 - 1934 group of els and cards, mostly transatlantic mail, bearing a variety of marks, including 1839 red New York ship cds, black 'Steamship', 'Lozenge' Liverpool Ship and couple of Paquebots.
  QTY 10*    

  LOT 23 COVERS EST £ 50  
1897 - 1959 accumulation of covers and cards which contains early USA illustrated 2c PS card to Austria, 1899 Japanese 4 sent illustrated card, German Luxembourg illustrated stationery, Canal Zone.
  QTY 37*    

  LOT 24 COVERS EST £ 50  
CONCORDE album containing 32 flight covers, 1976 - 2006 period including the Farewell with Maldives adhesives and 10 Queen of the Skies.
  A QTY 1 item    

  LOT 25 COVERS EST £ 50  
WW2 censored covers inc Switzerland - UK or Italy, India inc OAS envelopes and received Damaged by Censor, Kenya, Ireland etc.
  QTY 11*    

  LOT 26 COVERS EST £ 50  
1935 series of CW illustrated envelopes commemorating KGV's 70th Birthday franked various Silver Jubilee issues from Seychelles, St Helena etc.
  QTY 10*    

  LOT 27 COVERS EST £ 50  
BALLON FLIGHTS - siege of Paris, and Epitome of balloon postal history, includes a signed anniversary cover, a scarce 'Gordon Bennett' 1912 label and a scarce Goddard Aeronaut label.
  E QTY 1 item    

  LOT 28 COVERS EST £ 50  
CATAPAULT MAIL ship to shore 1929 item via Steamship Bremen and Airplane, oval Bremen/New York cachet on 1926 15 and 50pf air stamps.
  QTY *    

  LOT 29 COVERS EST £ 40  
1857 - 1944 worldwide assortment of cards and covers. Noted Swedish Militrabrev and stamps, Swiss 1fr air. Mixed condition.
  E QTY 62*    

  LOT 30 COVERS EST £ 40  
1847 - 1971 small selection of CW cards and covers including COGH PPC showing R.N.Fleet at Simonstown, 1900 Boer War 1d, PS envelope to Ireland and British Occupation of Iraq item to London.
  E QTY 8*    

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